GlencoIS provides information services recently focussing on reference-data-based interoperability. That is any communication between people, systems and organizations where unambiguous meaning depends on shared reference to common information definitions – definitions of terminology but also definitions of patterns and collections used in context. However, those services remain applied to the engineering execution in the following areas:

  • Containment Systems Integrity – where decision-making relies on understanding the meaning of process plant systems knowledge, and those business processes by which their integrity is engineered, constructed and risk-managed for life, including:
      Design, stress, materials, welded fabrication and related QC & testing for pressure vessels and piping.
      Piping materials cats & specs for engineering development and as reference data for 2D and 3D tools.
  • Construction Completion, Turnover & Handover – the processes by which plant systems are completed ready-for-start-up and turnover of the plant to the owner-operator, and the handover of relevant information and systems for the operations, maintenance and future turnaround lifecycles.
  • Lifecycle Information Management – where meaning and lifecycle integrity rely on high-quality information modelling supported by reliable shared reference data and RDBI Architecture.
  • Engineering Systems & Project Engineering Management – where execution of energy industry projects relies on multi-discipline engineering & construction, and the software tools, systems & processes by which they are coordinated and delivered to both new and brown-field asset operations.
  • Knowledge Management & Decision Support – where success in communicating and acting upon information relies on understanding trust, intention and context as well as explicit information.