BlockChain, IIoT or Industry4.0 ? Semantic Web or Big Data?

I realise I’m mixing categories here, that’s my point. There is so much hype (ie confusion and mis-expectations) over advancing web technology architecture “silver-bullets”, and which terms are really about technology, business or content – in fact there is a lot of entanglement of issues and lots of lessons learned in one domain not even considered in another.

Since I last posted an update, I’ve spent over a year working with a Chinese Aerospace R&D contractor – doing some actual engineering rather than information science, bleeding edge engineering too. Perhaps unsurprisingly, even in a completely left-field domain all roads seem to lead back to web reference data.

So, for a bit of fun I’ve been doing a bit of a survey of all the initiatives in “Reference Data Based Interoperability” space, in order to understand how they all fit together, which could learn from each other and where common valuable gaps exist in tools and services. I’ve put the draft “State of the Nation” paper up publicly in order to share with potential interested parties, but it is very much incomplete / work-in-progress. I will be updating without posting notification. Any suggestions. you know where to find me.

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