Here you will find papers of interest to doing business with GlencoIS.

(1) What is RDBI (Reference Data-Based Interoperability) ? Parts extracted to draft an introductory flyer for the JORD Project. First published November 2011. (Status Jan 2013 Рstill valid and now incorporated into JORD and iRING documents. All progress and updates concern delivery of resources and capability, the underlying architectural approach remains stable.)

(2) Position Paper on the Parts of ISO15926. A brief 2-page summary of the parts of ISO15926, their status and how they relate to each other. First published January 2012. (Status Jan 2013 – still valid. As well as regular ongoing ISO WorkGroup activities to consolidate the road-map to consistent completion of all the parts, Mark Palmer of NIST has been assisting Fiatech members get industry needs addressed in the ISO processes.)

(3) For the Love of Spreadsheets. A paper discussing the enduring value of spreadsheets in these days of mark-up languages and semantic web technologies. First published January 2012. (Status Jan 2013 – still an incomplete draft, but you may find it amusing and enlightening.)

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