Here you will find papers of interest to doing business with GlencoIS.

(1) What is Reference Architecture ?  (previously RDBI – Reference Data-Based Interoperability)
Parts extracted and adapted from an introductory flyer for the JORD Project. First published November 2011. (Status Jan 2013 – incorporated into JORD and iRING documents. Last update Sept 2019 – All progress and updates concern delivery of resources and capability, the underlying architectural approach remains stable.)

(2) [RETIRED – Historical interest only.] Position Paper on the Parts of ISO15926. A brief 2-page summary of the parts of ISO15926, their status and how they relate to each other. First published in this form January 2012. (Visit for latest introductions and resources.)

(3) For the Love of Spreadsheets. A paper discussing the enduring value of spreadsheets in these days of mark-up languages and semantic web technologies. First published January 2012 and still as true as ever.

(4) State of the Nation. The state web-technology architectures in 2017 (eg STEP, 15926, SemWeb, Cloud/Fog, IoT/IIoT, BlockChain, Industry4.0 and more), why they all benefit from RDBI, and why many initiatives in these domains are doomed to repeat errors of the past without understanding lessons learned. There is nothing new under the sun and a gap in the “Mapping” market remains.


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