JORD Under-way

The JORD Project is now under-way, consuming a significant part of my time for the foreseeable future, following the KO Meeting hosted by BP in London on 4th May 2011.

Public updates to the project status and links to published deliverables will be found here. Working documents, notes and actions are restricted to project members.

The latest project position was presented to participants at Semantic Days 2011 and the associated PCA Members Meeting in Oslo 6th to 9th June, and the first project review by the management team took place on the last day after the conference.

I was also invited to present the project and its relevance to ISO15926 Compliance at the Complex Engineering Plant Lifecycle Management Conference organized by NIAEP of the Rosatom group in Nizhniy-Novgorod, Russian Federation.

The next main public outings will be the the FIATECH Members Meeting 3rd to 5th October in Boulder, CO and the PCA Members Meeting and Owner-Operator Forum in Perth, WA 12th & 13th October.

Meantime, JORD deliverables to be worked-on.

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JORD Decision Point

As reported on the PCA News Page, the JORD project reached a key milestone when the boards of PCA and FIATECH met and agreed in February to kick-off the Phase 1 implementation as soon as a kick-off meeting of the sponsoring organizations could be arranged.

The KO Meeting is currently being planned for the first week of May 2011 in London.

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New for 2011

Plans for work continuing with a customer down-under in Brisbane are on indefinite hold as the locals recover from the flooding tragedy. Naturally the whole project is affected, even though the business district offices escaped inundation. [Update: Working in Brisbane for first half of February.]

Focussing on getting the (joint PCA & FIATECH) JORD project on the road, and looking forward to the Americas PCA Forum and joint Member Meeting with OpenO&M / MIMOSA. February 22-24 2011 Hosted by Chevron.

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JORD Progress

The Joint Operational Reference Data (JORD) project prospectus has gone public, so anyone who recognizes their dependence on public reference data is now invited to sign-up and support this project.

Incidentally GlencoIS is now a full member of both PCA and FIATECH.

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Working Down-Under

With a customer in Brisbane until 3rd December.

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Conference plus R&R

Very interesting to attend an ISO15926 conference in Rio, organized by Tecgraf / PUC-Rio with support from Petrobras and others. Much prior-researched interest and passion for a first such conference in the region. Well done to the organizers.

A first visit meant we took some time out to take a look around whilst we were there.

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Conferences & Meetings

At RuSEC2010 Russian Systems Engineering Challenges in Moscow sponsored by VNIIAES this week.

At FIATECH Members Meeting 4 to 6 Oct in Philadephia, PA.

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Strong Affiliation

As well as representing POSC Caesar Association (PCA), we are now also a member of FIATECH.




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Small Beginnings

We’re more than a web-site. Deliveries made and payments received. We’re in business.

Some minor editorial updates to the About and Services pages today.

Looking forward to renewing acquaintances if you’re at INGR2010 in Vegas next week.

Upcoming – Look out for joining dots and weaving threads to expand integration with social media without the noise of feeding every channel into every other.

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Telephone Outage

The landline down and the Virgin / NTL cable is dead since yesterday – they’re working on it.

Meantime use the cell or email. Apologies.

UPDATE – landline connection restored.

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