I run several websites for friends and non-profits as a side-line – at least partly to “keep my hand in” with some basic programming in having to modify, extend and configure functionality here and there – but I’m no developer.

99% of my web content is managed using WordPress including this business-facing site. It’s a very simple no-frills site with no user functionality, and the simplest possible visual theme, intended for minimal maintenance other than software updates and news. My main personal site at psybertron.org is also no-frills, single user, minimal interaction, but huge – 10,000’s of posts and page updates over 20 years. I was an original blogger when web-logging was invented, migrating to WordPress and hosting it on a virtual private server (VPS) at Dreamhost pretty much as soon as it was possible to do so ~15 years ago. I’ve also managed separate servers for other commercial and non-profit ventures via Dreamhost VPS and Amazon AWS services.

On other group sites I’ve added much more interactive functionality through WordPress plug ins. Some have their own domains, others with sub-domains in my sandbox. I did major housekeeping this year and last to clear out much now redundant content and installations.

The software functionality – core and plug-in extensions – are mostly free, but when it comes to upgraded functionality, security and performance, you get what you pay for so it’s not always entirely free, but very cost-effective for low-overhead non-profit business. For anyone who’s happy with a proof of concept in a subdomain, there is zero marginal cost to me, just a little time & effort.

Why do I use it?
WordPress has so much support out there, and
DreamHost customer service has proven second to none.
(There is even a DreamPress one-stop-shop bundle if you want to try it yourself and BlueHost offer WordPress bundles. Other starter bundles each with their own CMS exist from GoDaddy, Squarespace, Google and many more, many of which are free for starters.)


  • Powers 26% of all pages on the web
  • Powers 30% of the top 1000 web sites
  • Is by far the most used CMS on the web (60% share vs 6% next best)
  • Is visited more than Twitter
  • Is available in 62 languages
  • Has 500x fewer employees than Amazon
  • Has so far had 36m downloads of its latest version
  • Has 45k software “plug-in” extensions available

Each Month:

  • Users make 40m posts & 60m comments (~6 per second)
  • WordPress / Akismet blocks 99.9% of 132m spam messages
  • 200k new WordPress domains are registered
  • WordPress is searched for 2.7m times and results in 583m Google hits

(Extracted from this 2017 stats summary at digital.com)

If I “fall under a bus” there will be no technical barriers to finding alternative resources.

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