Update 1Q19

Through 2016/17 I had the good fortune to take on a piece of real engineering – both process and mechanical design – for some specialist equipment on a Chinese aerospace research facility.

Like the above, I also mentioned in passing in the two previous posts, that I was focussed for most of 2017/18 on a possible generic business app opportunity as an unfunded collaborative development, and on keeping my hand in with developments in the reference-data architecture space. That gave me pause to reflect that this was the first-time I’ve been without paid employment in over 40 years, and that in that time I’ve been fortunate only to leave any employment for a new opportunity.

So, it’s been over a year, but just last week I took-on a real hands-on engineering assignment again for a refinery upgrade project in the EU and am again available for consulting opportunities – engineering integrity primarily and/or information management as necessary. [See “About” and “Services.]

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