AIMS, PIMS, BIMS and now SIMS, HIMS & even GIMS?

Whatever “Digital Twin” is used to model your particular industry assets and manage the operation they embody, it seems the jargon converges and the generic information modelling aspects really do turn out to be highly generic. When we started with Plant Assets, Transport and Defence assets they became Assets more generally, and the Plant manufacturing and laboratory facilities became Buildings more generally, I was awaiting the day that Hospital and Healthcare assets would become the topic. Seems they happened whilst I wasn’t looking.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Aerospace research facility subject of the last assignment (below) and now find myself engaged in SIMS for Schools and educational establishments. I may say a little more about that if I can shortly. Each sector, for understandable legacy reasons, tends to be dominated by one or other comprehensive Business Resource or Asset Management “Solution” – usually one no-one ever got fired for buying, but one which becomes an expensive and inflexible millstone to be managed in its own right.

Especially gratifying is the continuing generic convergence, because we also seemed to have stumbled upon an opportunity for a Generic information model management system. I say system, but it’s so generic it’s really a meta-system, a system for developing and integrating systems for modeling and managing information. One that can integrate with and evolve away from any legacy system(s).

I used to joke that we’d end up with this model, but now I’m not so sure we’re joking.

Say what?

Say whatever it is you want to say,
and we can store and retrieve it
intelligently-connected to any future context.
I wonder.

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