Time for an update.

As predicted the JORD project is consuming a significant proportion of my time, and the good news is we are producing deliverable results. If you are a member of that project you will be receiving regular reports and reviews, if not the public updates are always presented or linked here.

The recent FIATECH and PCA member meetings, in Boulder, CO and Perth, WA respectively last month, allowed us to present JORD progress publicly, and in doing so generated many new companies interested, from the Mining and Minerals and the Nuclear Power industries specifically, as well as our core Oil&Gas, Energy and Capital Facilities sectors generally. If you are at SPAR Europe in Den Haag next week Mon 7th to Wed 9th Nov, look out for me and other FIATECH and PCA participants to provide updates first-hand.

The remainder of my time is taken up with a couple of other active customer contracts, and spare time with helping my old school update its alumni arrangements in this 450th academic year since its foundation.

I also posted a summary of what you need to know about Reference-Data-Based Interoperability. Enjoy.

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