GlencoIS was founded by Ian Glendinning in 2010 as Glenco Info Services Ltd.
(And was terminated August 2022)

Ian is a professionally qualified engineer and manager, with over 40 years systems engineering experience in plant facilities.

This covers the full life-cycle from functional schematic development through design, materials, fabrication, construction, testing, completions & handover to operators & authorities. This includes containment system integrity, trouble-shooting, revamp & turnaround experience on operating facilities in oil & gas, LNG, refining, energy, chemical & pharma assets.

More than that, with clients in an even wider range of infrastructure, nuclear, transport, aerospace, health and education sectors, Ian has been active in recent decades in leading the implementation of information-standards-based interoperability and handovers, for EPC & O&M customers and software solution providers, from Lifecycle Information through Digital Twins and Digital Transformation.

In that period Ian has been instrumental in the evolution of reference data architectures with industrial information ontologies such as ISO15926 Templates, the adoption of W3C/RDF/OWL semantic-web representations and more recently with CFIHOS, BIM/ISO19650 and ISO81346. Ian continues to conduct a personal research project in knowledge management generally and in developing applications connecting the most sophisticated business lifecycle integrations with ever-changing social-media apps and technologies.

However, Ian remains first and foremost an engineer specialising in information management at plant facilities business interfaces that maintain system & information integrity across the full life-cycle, and is flexible about contract and/or employment terms that enable client engagement towards useful solutions.

Ian Glendinning, CEng, MBA, BSc (Eng) Hons, DIC, ACGI, MIMechE, MWeldI
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